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EURO-training - Injawara Workshop , "Social Pedagogy"

From 9 to 20 February in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria EURO-training continue with the Injawara running workshops in Faculty of Education in Trakia University with part time students from “Social Pedagogy” specialty.

The workshops are running in the computer lab in the faculty with 3 big groups of students. The main topic is the Millennium Development Goals. The students expressed their big interest and awareness about all topic discussed. They joined to the Injawara facebook and posted some pictures. The students as well found very useful the Forum on the project web page and they registered and performed some discussions, especially connected with the poverty. The stress of the MDG in Bulgaria was discussed as well.

The students were divided in groups and they made presentations about the MDG. The best of them will be uploaded to the Injawara web page in the e-library section after the finishing of the workshops.