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INJAWARA festival in Kaunas - November 7th

injawara-saretas07102014On November 7th SARETAS is starting the INJAWARA festival in Kaunas. Part of the Festival's idea is to attract the very best ideas generated by young people to solve social problems, and making sure that the creative bar is always being raised higher. This will contribute to solving MDGs and make a visible footprint. Dedicated to supporting, nurturing and showcasing young social initiators, the festival invites most talented individuals. The festival will provide them with a platform to ‘shine' at what is recognised as one of the best celebrations of youth achievements in contributing to MDG anywhere in the world today.

The festival has begun with the workshops on social entrepreneurship and trying to find solutions to big world problems. It will be followed with the twinning with Bangladesh organization to learn about the innovative social initiative, also different experts from various fields will share with youngsters knowledge how to support their ideas to make social initiative matter and make it well planned.