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Cyprus Youth in Spain for the INJAWARA National Festival

CARDET has successfully facilitated the visit of young Board Game winners representing Cyprus in the National Festival of our Spanish Partners, JARIT.

We, as CARDET, would like to thank JARIT for their hospitality and congratulate them for the success of their activities after the trip that provided us with an insight on JARITS core values through the INJAWARA’s project focus in youth.

The activities performed, included ethnic music, presentations by community leaders in Senegal, traditional Bedouin music and artistic installation (photos etc.) of global issues like gender equality and conservation.

Our youth engaged in a meaningful way in most activities that were in English and extracted the maximum understanding of the diverse challenges and opportunities faced by our Spanish counterparts. By exchanging ideas we believe that a higher level of understanding was reached on a multitude of global issues ranging from Gender issues to stereotypes and biases and youth development in the Mediterranean South Europe and the Maghreb.

The city also provided us with a deep appreciation of the Valencian cultural heritage and pluralistic history.

Finally, we would like to thanks all you nice people who worked so hard to make an unforgettable experience and where open to interact.

Special Thanks to Neus and Andrea our guiders and willing translators.