CARDET is looking for Civil Engaging Volunteers

This is a call looking for volunteers to engage in civil society for implementation of learning activities and awareness raising campaigns.

My name is Theocharis Michail and I work in the educational organization CARDET; we are currently managing two projects; the Intercultural Joint Awareness Raising for Youth (IN.J.AWA.RA) and Global Campus which aim at increasing civil participation on global issues.

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Documentary Trailers Competition

Please vote the trailer of the documentary you believe is the most appropriate to provide insights on Global Citizenship and which could motivate other youngsters to critical understanding and which will lead them to the action, changing ideas and making small changes in their everyday life. The winning documentary will be screened in Perugia on 27th September, during the PerSO –Perugia Social Film Festival.

The images and videos are able to transmit better this message, in an attractive and simple way, than many words that could be immediately forgotten. Please contribute to make this message reaching more and more people. Please vote!

View the documentaries and Vote!

CARDET - Newsletter 7 - Workshop in the context of the INJAWARA- “Education for All”

After the very successful Workshop on Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development a second one, with expanded participation, was organized on the 24th of June 2014 in the premises of University of Nicosia with collaboration from the Cyprus Youth Council. The workshop was entitled “Education for all” and it was linked with the 2nd Millennium Development Goal of “Achieving Universal Primary Education”. It also touched on the concept of Education and its permeation of all parts of Development process and as the necessary catalyst for positive change. The workshops are operated under the framework of the INJAWARA project ( or Intercultural Joint Awareness Raising Action.

The trainer presented the project and CARDET, the organization running it in Cyprus, so that participants are familiar with both the Non-Government Organization and INJAWARA. Participants included local stakeholders like CSOs, students in pedagogical departments of universities, pre-school and primary school teachers and educators.

The activities initiated with a discussion of what is the definition of education and what are its desirable outcomes. Participants proved highly engaging, which in turn provided sophisticated arguments like knowledge, skills, social inclusion and evolution of the public discourse.

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CARDET - Newsletter 6 - Workshop, Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development

cardet-newsletter6In the framework of the INJAWARA ( project, a workshop was organized with the collaboration of Accept-LGBT Cyprus ( Main objectives of the workshop was the awareness raising on global citizenship and its connection to development. The workshop started with a get to know each other session where participants were asked to present themselves and to discuss their expectation of the workshop.

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