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In.J.Awa.Ra project activities 2013

Meetings with Stakeholders

Scope and aim. The events were in fact the first meetings with Lithuania stakeholders (youth association, Uruguayan community, Youth club of Municipality, public University senior management and student association members) of the “In.J.Awa.Ra” project, granted by the EuropeAid of the EU Commission.

The meetings were built around its aim to foster collaboration with other organisations in Lithuania that are interested in the joint international development awareness raising and collaborate together for the upcoming In.J.Awa.Ra educational workshops. We invited those working in development support organizations to join us in exploring the leading perspectives to address MDG and involve yog people for a joint action.

1. Meeting with student association at Vilnius University, 2013 06 10
2. Meeting with Uruguayan community in Lithuania, 2013 07 15
3. Meeting with University senior management
4. Meeting with youth association


Educational Workshops

 Scope and aim. Saretas has organised an intensive educational workshops week on the 26 to 29 of August. The crash week has involved 150 youngsters, age group 18-30. The team has collaborated with different facilitators and mentors to implement the action. Also every single educational workshop has had its own honoured guests such as Ambasadors who worked in developing countries, representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The guests have shared their knowledge about developing countries, shared stories, involved public to participate (Educational workshop plan is available for project partners and for public use upon request). One of the educational workshops have been organized in a outdoor environment at Jurgiliskes campus on the 03-06 of September. Participants have had a chance to evaluate the pollution themselves, interactive tasks were followed by discussions and participants’ feedback.

Pictures from the educational workshops

1.      Crash educational workshops week at BLC center in 26-29 of August