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JARIT - Newsletter December 2013

Jarit ends the year 2013 with great enthusiasm and motivation seeing the favorable welcome of the project among the youth. We are working in the capital of Valencia and municipalities of the region. We have conducted more than 30 talks with different youth associations (municipal youth centers and associations of board games) and groups of the University (Social Education, Social Work, Sociology, Teaching, Pedagogy, Psychology) to configure the working groups.

Right now we have four teams that are participating in the discussions of MDG and learning more each day about North-South inequalities and about the causes and consequences of the system in which we live. They are also reflecting on their daily habits and how these latter affect the rest of the world.

From the beginning, in Jarit, we wanted to offer our partners a different board game, a cooperative one, in which the participants have the power to increase the MDG’s, transforming the world in a better one. To make this game, we contacted specialized shops, experts in games and associations that gave us the inputs required in the dynamics of a cooperative game. Jarit put the knowledge in the content of the MDG’s and the relationship that it should have with the dynamics.

Last November we had the first meeting between participating teams and a group of young people of an Algerian association, which Jarit works with. They stayed a few days in Valencia. During this exchange, they realized that young Valencians are working on the project and other realities of neighboring countries. It gave them motivation to continue the project. There were debates on education, poverty, topics, MDG. The result of this is the creation of a FB page, so to keep contact.