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CARDET- at the NGO Fair in Nicosia

The NGO Support Center with the collaboration of many Cyprus-based Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) organized on September 22, 2014 the 4th NGO Fair at the Faneromeni square in the beautiful walled city of Nicosia.

The Fair aimed at addressing the knowledge gap that exists between the work performed by Cyprus Civil Societies and Non-Governmental Organizations through various interesting projects and the general public, especially the young people. CARDET participated in the NGO Fair and promoted the upcoming IN.J.AWA.RA Development Board Tournaments, which will take place in late October.

The IN.J.AWA.RA Development Board game, to be played at the upcoming tournaments, seeks to engage youth that has not yet become acquainted with Development and Global Justice to get involved through a fun and challenging medium and provide them with the opportunity to travel to Spain’s National IN.J.AWA.RA festival to interact with people with a common inclination and create experiences that can lead to greater civil engagement and a more worldly viewpoint.