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INJAWARA Final Event in the frame of The Meeting of Youth and Diversity


Every year since…… AMSED has been organizing a “Meeting of Youth and Diversity”. This year it took place on the 22th of September in Foyer de l’Etudiant Catholique in the very city centre of Strasbourg. The program of the day was very intensive: Human Library, Village of Local Associations, presentations by former participants of their experiences of international and European mobility projects, concert of local artists. The meeting was attended by a big number of visitors coming from very different cultural, social and professional backgrounds.

For AMSED this meeting was also an occasion to valorize its partnership in the frame of INJAWARA project.


So, an INJAWARA competition was proposed to the participants.

There were two teams playing the game, supported by the spectators around them. Both teams were composed of young people from different countries: France, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Lithuania. All the participants as well as the spectators, had the opportunity to learn a lot from the game (INJAWARA is an interactive and educational game that permits the players to learn about the millenium development goals of the United Nations). They also learned a lot from each other, as the atmosphere, in which the game took place, encouraged interesting and rich exchanges among all the people present.


All the people really appreciated the cooperative (and not the competitive!) dimension of the game, and get more sensibilized about the North-South relationships and development projects issues.