Cyprus Youth in Spain for the INJAWARA National Festival

20141129 141833CARDET has successfully facilitated the visit of young Board Game winners representing Cyprus in the National Festival of our Spanish Partners, JARIT.

We, as CARDET, would like to thank JARIT for their hospitality and congratulate them for the success of their activities after the trip that provided us with an insight on JARITS core values through the INJAWARA’s project focus in youth.

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INJAWARA Final Event in the frame of The Meeting of Youth and Diversity


Every year since…… AMSED has been organizing a “Meeting of Youth and Diversity”. This year it took place on the 22th of September in Foyer de l’Etudiant Catholique in the very city centre of Strasbourg. The program of the day was very intensive: Human Library, Village of Local Associations, presentations by former participants of their experiences of international and European mobility projects, concert of local artists. The meeting was attended by a big number of visitors coming from very different cultural, social and professional backgrounds.

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injawara20-11-2014CARDET has successfully implemented the Board Game Tournament in two special occasions and 4 proud winners will travel to beautiful Spain on the 27th of November to attend the Spanish INJAWARA festival organized by JARIT.

The 8 teams concurred that the game had a steep learning curve but when everything was set and done the teams really enjoyed the shared difficulty and understood the theoretical underpinnings of the game.

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INJAWARA festival in Kaunas - November 7th

injawara-saretas07102014On November 7th SARETAS is starting the INJAWARA festival in Kaunas. Part of the Festival's idea is to attract the very best ideas generated by young people to solve social problems, and making sure that the creative bar is always being raised higher. This will contribute to solving MDGs and make a visible footprint. Dedicated to supporting, nurturing and showcasing young social initiators, the festival invites most talented individuals. The festival will provide them with a platform to ‘shine' at what is recognised as one of the best celebrations of youth achievements in contributing to MDG anywhere in the world today.

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